Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Tuesday 27th March

The mist was very heavy in the valley this morning, quite a difference from the late sun I enjoyed on my walk home last night. The walk through the woods was even quite sinister, not helped by the discovery of yet another dead being - this time a fox, propped up against a tree. Morbidity aside I had a suprising number of species considering the visibility was so bad, although I did have to rely on songs and calls...not really my forte! 5Yellowhammers, 3 GS Woodpeckers and the first Green Woodpecker seen for 2 weeks (although I hear the yaffle most mornings)...and to top it all off a pair of Goldfinches, at last!

The walk home was last night was very pleaseant - good views of Skylarks, Yellowhammers and the long awaited return of the Bullfinch pair, the male showing extremley well in the evening sun. A fox failed to see me on the track home and trotted down towards me, sniffing all the undergrowth as he went before disappearing into the chesnut coppice. Even the rabbits were stretched out on their fronts soaking up the last of the sun! There were an abundance of flies, can't help thinking that the spring migrants are missing out- they must be on their way now.
Glimpsed the first bat of the year as I glanced out of James' bedroom window as I put him to bed.

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