Friday, 27 April 2007

Friday 27th April

An overcast, even cold start this morning. Whitethroat numbers had increased dramatically since I last walked in on Tuesday. At least 8 were heard on the way into work, the first showing very well, balancing on abirch sapling on the 'Pea Field'. A drab but fine voiced Garden Warbler drew attention to itslef by Gallagher's Gallop, luckily in unison with a distant Blackcap which helped me pick it out. The drabness of the Garden Warbler was outshone by a pair of Bullfinches and up to 5xYellowhammers. Strangely only one Chiffchaff was heard calling this morning. Two racehorses were being put through their paces on Gallagher's Race Course so no hope of grounded migrants, but 4 fantastic Swallows sweeping low over the race course pasture, racing well ahead of the horses. In total 26 species, which included Cormorant and 3x Heron.


As I walked out of the main building for my walk to Ditton Quarry at lunchtime I was met by the strangest of bird calls from the shrubs alongside the labs. Investigation revealed a fantastic 'parrot' (possibly a Rosella?), and completely unexpected! It looked at me curioulsy before flying off north and onto one of the windbreaks where it sat quite unperturbed by anything going around it. I though getting 2 Wheaters in a week was good!
I continued on to the quarry, and at last found a Small Copper that I though may have seen there last week. 3x Holly Blues and 2x Orange Tip added to the list. 2x Common Lizards were found basking in their usual spot. A pair of Common Blue Damselfly were seen briefly, along with a possible Dingy Skipper. The usual mix of birds was present but dominated by Whitethroat (as I had noticed this morning).
Small Copper

Holly Blue (female)

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