Monday, 21 May 2007

Friday 18th May

St Margaret's Church, Barming

Cracking morning sunshine, but not too much bird life to go with it. A lone GS Woodpecker was a first for 3 weeks. The flight pattern of woodpeckers always amazes me, it's as if each undulation in flight is going to see them belly out on the ground until a sudden burst of energy pulls them back up into the air, almost like someone pulling themselves up for air while swimming! A male Linnet proudly sang out his territory while sitting on one of the racecourse fenceposts, his 'bloodstained' chest very apparent in the strong light. The House Martins has returned to Kiln Barn Cottages, the 'orca' head of the female pocking out cosily from her mud nest under the gable end eaves. I was lucky to see House Martins, Swallows and Swifts performing their tiered, aerial acrobatics through the sky by the railway embankment, probably the first time I've seen all 3 species in the same field of view this year.

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