Friday, 4 May 2007

Friday 4th May

A Cuckoo was heard calling in the River Medway valley, Barming at 05:30 this morning.
My usual visit to Ditton Quarry was met with a clamer albeit more overcast day than my previous visits this week. The Common Lizards were out basking again - 4 in total with 1 found at a new site. 8x Whitethroat were heard or seen, a Garden Warbler babbled along beautifully and showed well for a couple of minutes before taking flight in response to a male Blackcap jumping onto a nearby perch to eat some unidentified grub! 2x Chiffchaff continued calling throughout the visit.

Butterflies were more evident, but no new species; 3x Brown Argus, 1x Common Blue, 1x Small Copper (very faded), 1x Speckled Wood and 1x Red Admiral. 2x Large Red Damselflies were a new addition for the year but didn't hang round long enough to be photographed. Various beetles and an interesting, if not tiny, cricket were in evidence.

3x LBB gulls, 3x Skylarks and 2x House Martin were seen on the Research Station this afternoon.


Simon said...

Fantastic photo of the lizard!

Steve said...

That is a great Lizard picture Adam - nice one!