Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Wednesday 23rd May

Bee Orchid at EMR

It was exceptionally quiet this morning, and then I realised why - the main A26 Tonbridge Road was closed off by the ploice. I'm not sure what had happened but it rather marred a fantasticlly bright morning. A Cuckoo was heard again on the way into work - but distantly, possibly by Maidstone Hospital. The Little Owl showed well again - as if it hadn't moved from where I saw it yesterday. The first flower on the Bee Orchids on the Research Station had opened.

I heard a Cuckoo calling as I sat with my office windo open this afternoon - from the direction of Sweets Lane, East Malling.

Little Owl

I made the right decision to turn down a lift and walk home last night. Within minutes of leaving the office a pair if Bullfinches flew up from the newly mown area alongside the entrance road to the Research Station. I had sepnt the best part of January and February searching out these little blighters to add to my year site list but without success....although I seemed to be seeing them everywhere else! And here I was in late May and in the place I though I was most unlikely to see them! If I'd reported this 20 years ago the farm manager would be out with his traps - luckily strawberries aren't as appetising as Conference pears. The Cuckoo continued to call from the Sweets lane area, and the Little Owl was still swinging on the suspended light in Kiln Barn Farm barn.

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