Monday, 16 July 2007

Saturday 14th July

As I walked out my front door this morning I was suprised to see a trail of ants dragging 2 large beetles along my drive. Closer inspection revealed them to be male and female Lesser Stag Beetles! I rescued them from the clutches of the ants and photographed them before releasing them in the back garden - unfortunately I think the damage had already been done. Also of note was a White-legged Damselfly.....another garden tick!

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Steve said...

I havent seem white legged damsel this year - not sure if they occur at New Hythe....although I can't see why not.

Lesser Stag bettles look good....I am really getting into insects this year. I am going to try and track down some good Grasshoppers/Crickets/Coneheads this summer...if ever it stops raining!!!