Monday, 1 October 2007

Monday 1st October

The fields at East Malling Research centre would certainly have been a suitable location for the Bockhill Paddyfield Warbler to alight had it decided to fly west! The constant drizzle of rain throughout the day was not ideal for seeing birds and I had the misfortune to have to check some of the field plots in the rain. However I was pleasantly suprised to find a steady stream of Swallows flying east, mostly in small parties of 2-5 birds. These were supplemented by a Grey Heron, more in keeping with the weather conditions. Then a Sparrowhawk, ignoring a small flock of Linnets, and instead swooping down on the much bigger prize of a flock of Feral pigeons which were feeding in a stubble field by Ditton Lab. It didn't manage a kill, and flap, flap, glided away in a rather embarrassed manner. A quick check of the plot nearest the weather station (viewable from the public footpath) spooked a Snipe from the strawed alleyways, it's zig-zag, towering flight took it up and over a windbreak and north towards Bradbourne House...the first Snipe for me on this site.

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Simon said...

Great to hear that you've seen a Snipe in your area.