Monday, 22 October 2007

Monday 22nd October

Another cold, frosty morning brought in the first Fieldfares of the winter onto the Barming patch. They 'chack-chacked' from the top of the trees bordering the Parish Fields before an ungainly Grey Heron scared them off by trying the near impossible manouvre of landing on next door's Leylandii hedge!

Fieldfares and Redwings were also evident for the first time this year on the East Malling Research site this afternoon. I counted 10 and 2 respectively, which based on my past records, actually means there's probably 100x more of each on the site as a whole!

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Simon said...

Adam, its good news to hear that you've seen both Redwing and Fieldfare. I am yet to have the latter in the park.

Keep up the good work. You never know, you may get a YB or Pallas's!!