Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Friday 8th February

A call from my wife telling me she was ill, could I look after the kids had me leaving work early. It was such a glorious day I had to take advantage and so I took my eldest out of her way and down to the River Medway. On the pretence of a picnic we spent a leisurely 4 hours wandering along the river bank between Barming and Teston bridges. The winter thrushes were out in force, but the only other noticeable birds were a Grey Wagtail suprisingly well camoflauged flitting around one of the streams and a very obliging Kingfisher that darted from one side of the river to the next on our way back home. We followed it for over 20 minutes, it catching, smacking the head and eating 3 fish on it's way.

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