Thursday, 24 April 2008

Sunday 20th April

Slightly off patch, I took the oppurtunity for a quick visit to New Hythe Lakes after attending a kids party at Larkfield Leisure Centre. With kids in tow I made my way from Brook House, New Hythe towards the srub area in the hope of hearing, if not seeing, a Nightingale at the entrance to the country park. Although I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing both Sedge Warbler and Blackcap, I didn't manage to find a Nightingale. Skirting round the East Scrub I noticed large numbers of hirundines, mainly Sand Martins but with a peppering of Swallows caught up in the swarm. While waiting at the level crossing for a train to pass, I noticed the flock disperse and then watched the elegant silhouette of a Hobby which passed rapidly overhead along the southern edge of Abbeymeads. Walking back across the East Scrub, a flick of white from the ground caught my attention - a fantastic male Wheatear. Steve Nunn arrived later and got some superb photos which are on his blog. I returned to the car happy to have seen 2 fantastic summer vistors, but still lacking a Nightingale!

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