Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Tuesday 29th July

What a difference a day makes! After last night's downpour the temperature had settled down to something fairly comfortable but a few spits of rain accompanied me as I cycled into work at 07:15. A single Swift flew overhead by Kiln Barn Farm, Ditton and it was quickly followed by a small party of House Martins zipping low over the track. All heading south! The Little Owl chose a new position, sitting on a fence post near Kiln Barn Farm having being evicted by hay bales that reach the roof of it's favourite roosting barn. A lunchtime cycle to the buddleia where the Silver-washed Fritillary was seen yesterday proved fruitless - the bush had held 2x Comma, 6x Peacock and Red Admiral yesterday, but nothing today. As I cycled back to work, I noticed a flock of Swallows had replaced the House Martins seen this morning - they dipped low over the fields, resting on Gallagher's Gallop fence as the spits of rain intensified...and the cows all lay down...just about says it all! After a short rest they were back up in the air, and off, again south and out of sight.


Greenie said...

Is the Swallow on the left saying to the Swallow on the right -
' can you smell methane ' ?

Adam said...

I did!


Greenie said...

Adam ,
Sorry , jumped the gun again .
Shame you didn't get a photo of the cows flying south after their short rest !
It would have been great for a caption competition .