Monday, 21 July 2008

Monday 21st July

At last the sun seemed settled and it was relatively warm as I cycled into work from Barmiong to East Malling. I took a slightly different route, skirting the edge of Oaken Wood, Barming on a track sandwiched bettween the wood and Gallagher's Gallop. There were a number of Buddleia in fill bloom, and this had worked wonders in attracting butterflies. A couple of Peacocks were my first here for the year, a Gatekeeper, Red Admiral and Large White added to the mix, but best of all was another White Admiral - a new location in the wood (TQ723555) the fourth location this species has been seen in these woods in last 2 weeks. The Little Owl sat atop the barn reliably as ever.


Warren Baker said...

Back to the the Skylark nest Adam. i think it may well be a Pied Wag. as greenie suggested. You've got to go back and check it out!! I'm intrigued to know what the chicks are going to be. :-)

Greenie said...

Whilst realising that I may be losing it , at my age I'm allowed to , but if we agree it's a probable Pied Wagtail nest , won't the chicks probably be Pied Wagtails ?