Monday, 21 July 2008

Saturday 19th July

My wife had worked a night on Friday so I was looking after the kids on Saturday morning. After visiting B&Q I decided to make a spotaneous detour to Dene Park, Tonbridge way spurred on by Mike Easterbrooks report of various butterflies there yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, as with all spontaneous events, it went wrong. We got absolutely soaked while scanning okas for Purple Hairstreaks and Emperors. Eventually the sun came out, and I got excited and chased a suspect Silver-washed Fritillary which turned out be a Comma, but at least the Purple Hairstreaks put in an appearance - they were everywhere!

The afternoon brightened up wonderfully and we spent the afternoon enjoying the village fete held in the Parish Fields, Church Lane, Barming - I was intrigued by the 'Human Fruit machine' (photos to follow!), but impressed to see an adult Med Gull float over towards West Farleigh. Later a small flock of gulls was seen on the bank of the River Medway below West Farleigh church following a tractor that was hay-making - too far to see if the Med was amongst them.

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