Friday, 4 July 2008

Wednesday 2nd July

Another Hobby flying low over the glasshouse area on the East Malling Research site (viewable from the public footpath) as I left work at 18:00.

Yellowhammers seem to be out in force at the moment. A walk from East Malling church, across the research centre land by the public footpath to Kiln Barn Road or Hermitage Lane is guaranteed to throw up at least a couple of males singing from the top of the Italian Alder windbreaks. Pairs of Linnets and Goldfinches also occupy these windbreaks and can often be seen perched on the wire fence at the base of the trees. Skylarks are also in full voice, with the set aside areas near the cereal and linseed plots between Kiln Barn Lane and Hermitage Lane (also viewable from the public footpaths) being particulary reliable.

Sparrowhawks are also daily sightings, the one on East Malling Research site seems to favour the area just east of the main buidings often flying down from one of the windbreaks, low across the turfed area trying to pick of unsuspecting finches and sparrows that feed by the buildings. In Barming one is often seen flapping and gliding at the top of Gallagher's Gallop, near the eastern edge of Oaken Wood. Along with the Kestrels, occasional Hobby, Little and Barn Owls, and odd sighting of Buzzard or Red Kite the area is becoming raptor rich!

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