Thursday, 11 September 2008

Thursday 11th September

No Painted Ladies today or Hummingbird Hawkmoths but 21x Commas and 11x Red Admirals on the Buddleia bushes by Oaken Wood. Only 14 bird species today in contrast to yesterday's respectable 23. However I was pleased to see a clamour of Rooks feeding on the cattle field by Gallagher's racecourse (Kiln Barn Farm). They quite a rarity on the Ditton side of Oaken Woods as I'm sure Steve Nunn will testify for New Hythe! I guess these have made their way across from the rookery by Teston Bridge, only a short distnace as the Rook flies. However the highlight of my morning was a rather sedate Wheatear on one of the fence last! I must have seen 20+ on Monday around Dungeness/Rye Harbour but there's nothing like getting one on your own patch.


Warren Baker said...

Nice one Adam,
Your right, it's a thrill to find a migrant on your own patch, keep up the visits!!

Warren Baker said...

Wheatears and Whinchats seem to pas through together on my patch, so keep a lookout!
Your question on the above species.Well it looks like the best year Ive had so far for Whinchat.

2002 - 1 sighting 3 May (only spring sighting)

2003 - 1 Sighting 22 Aug

2004 - 6 sighitngs from 26 Aug. To 8 Sep.

2005 - 2 Sightings from 20Aug.To 18 Sep

2006 - 11 Sightings from 6 Aug. To 20 Sep

2007 - 9 Sightings from 15 Aug. To 7 Sept

2008 - 10 Sightings so far from July 10th.

Maybe i'll post something on my blog about the Wheatears!

Simon said...

Welldone Adam. Nice one!! I have never had Wheatear on my patch.

I also don't get Rooks my way.