Saturday, 10 January 2009

Saturday 10th January

A very hard frost last night, but leaving a beautiful wintery scene when the morning fog eventually cleared. I looking after my kids again today so confined to Barming, though I was itching to get out for the Waxwing in East Malling (wanting to go to work at the's got to be bad!). A garden watch was suprisingly unproductive considering the feeders were full to the brim. A couple of Jays made repeat visits to the saucers of water I'd put out, a charm of 16 Goldfinches flitted around in the field maples that only a couple of weeks ago had held the Hawfinch (no sign since the 30th Dec). A walk across the field adjacent to St Margaret's, East Barming turned up a single Lapwing flying north and GS Woodpecker flying between the trees in the Parish playing fields.

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Steve said...

Good stuff with the Brambling and Waxwing....I haven't seen either this year....yet!