Thursday, 29 January 2009

Waxwing gallery

I've only just got round to downloading some photos I took of the Waxwings in the churchyard orchard, East Malling. As there's so many I've dedicated this posting to displaying some of them. This was on the last day I saw them, when there were 22 birds together, flycatching in one of the brief sunny spells of that week.

They most often used the tall trees as perches but occasionally dropped down onto the windbreaks and telegraph wires, looking for all the world like a Mediterranean species rather than Scandinavian.

Unfortunately this was the day that the Sparrowhawk finally got her prey, taking one of the birds out. A smattering of feathers were retrieved from the orchard Thanks to John , The Bearded One of Bald Birder fame).


Steve said...

Some excellent pictures there Adam.

Simon said...

Wow! Some fantastic Waxwing shots. Nice one!

Steve said...

Some great Waxwing pics Adam - especially the first one..