Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wednesday 28th January

Drizzle dampened the day, as did the no show of the Waxwing flock. I knew the day would come when they left, I guess they've probably moved north (sorry Warren) with reports of increased numbers at Lower Halstow and a new report from the more predictable site of the Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock. Still there was still a lot of bird activity around the churchyard in East Malling. An inquisitive Robin was joined by other red (well OK orange)-breasted visitors in the shape of 20+ Bramblings (predominantly males).

The usual Fieldfares held court, supported by smaller numbers of Redwing. There were also increased numbers of Blackbirds around the orchards, clucky continental-types no doubt, certainly not as confiding as the male Blackbird that pulls worms within a few feet of passers-by near the East Malling Conference Centre.
The plots to the west of the East Malling-Ditton public footpath have turned into a quagmire, only last year they held mature Cherry trees and rows of apple cordons, but now they were just good for a flock of 80+ Greylag Geese, camouflaged against the mud, with a single Canada Goose breaking up the uniformity of the gaggle. The graceful Mute Swan drifted elegantly along the stream near Bradbourne House and Moorhen and Canada Geese picked away at the rain-soaked lawn. The oaks south of Garner Drive that only a few days ago trilled with the call of 20+ Waxwings held only Starlings and Woodpigeons. The shrubbery bordering the Garner Drive perimeter fence was interspersed with flocks of Long-tailed Tits, Blue Tits, Goldfinches and 25+ Siskin.


Ken said...

Sorry to hear that your waxwings have moved on Adam. Hopefully they will still be in the area. Good photo of the male Brambling

Warren Baker said...

Bramblings are great to have on your patch Adam, not as good as Waxwings,but at least you've had the company of both.
Maybe I'll still get a flyover waxwing yet!