Monday, 9 February 2009

Monday 9th February

Rain, rain, rain. The weather should have been perfect for ducks, but all the 'interesting' ones that that sat out the harsh weather on Bradbourne Lake, East Malling had gone, leaving just the resident Coots and Moorhens, a couple of Little Grebes and the Barnacle Goose, it's slight frame easily lost amongst the larger Canada Geese . Having checked the churchyard orchard and seen just 3x Fieldfares, 2x Chaffinches and a Blackbird (what a difference a week makes!) I wasn't expecting to see the Waxwings. However, sitting up the highest point of one of the oaks south of Garner Drive, East Malling I was pleased to see a couple of Waxwings hunched up against the rain. Terrible photo I know, but pretty much represents the day. A Goldcrest flitted around furtively in one of the nearby conifers and a Jay caught my eye as it looped down to the base of one of the oaks.I waited a while to see if the Waxwings wouldn't come down to feed, but no, they weren't going anywhere in this weather. Three Lapwings shuffled around Rookery Field (muddy field to the west of the East Malling-Ditton public footpath) as I made my way back to the lab.

A report of Woodcock in East Malling was received over the weekend, the second in as many months, this time in an the area around The Malling School.

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