Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Wednesday 4th February

I stopped off at Garner Drive this morning before work hoping to get some pics of the Waxwings feeding on Virburnum berries. Nothing to be seen when I arrived, but a quick scan revealed a single Waxwing sitting in one of the oaks to the south. Nothing in the churchyard orchard.

A quick scan of the orchard north of Kiln Barn Road entrance didn't turn up any Waxwings but was again heaving with birds. The Bramblings seemed more confiding of late and at long last I managed some decent(?) photos. Sorry for Brambling overload but makes a change from the close-up Waxwings photos of yesterday!

Checking the churchyard orchard at lunchtime I was pleased to see a single Waxwing feeding on apples, although I was told up to 15 had been seen earlier. Tim from West London was there again (he's becoming a bit of a local!) but was frustrated as the farm staff had worked through the orchard thinning the trees - a job that needs doing, but when Waxwings are present!!!!! Anyway I hope you got some nice pics Tim - hope it wasn't a wasted day.

Two of the many birds present this morning

A typical scene of the orchard floor from the footpath by the Kiln Barn Road entrance

I'd forgotten all about the 'sweaty armpit' (uncultured I know!) that Bramblings have. The light-yellow colouration on the underwing can just be made out in the shot above.


Phil and Mandy said...

Hi, you have some superb pictures there, the ones of then Waxwings are brilliant, I've not had the pleaseure of spotting one of those yet. Regards Phil

Steve said...

Great pictures Adam....Brambling are superb.