Monday, 23 March 2009

Monday 23rd March

Nothing more to report between Barming and Ditton this morning - a couple of Jays on eastern sie of Oaken Wood and Goldfinches seemed to be prominient. At lunchtime I visited Ditton Quarry briefly but not much showing apart from a Common Lizard, a couple of pairs of Bullfinches and 50+ Goldfinches (more than usual). The nest that the Long-tailed Tits had been working on for the last week or so looked more or less complete - a perfect little dome of Lichen! Heavy rain and strong winds late afternoon blew a couple of Grey Herons around as they flew south over the Research Station, East Malling.
Making my way back home amongst the blown down twigs I was suprised to hear the familiar 'chack-chack' of Fieldfares and sure enough I counted 18 in one of the large Sweet Chestnuts by Gallagher's Gallop - I shoul be expecting the first Swallows on my patch now not Fieldfares. And the last birds of the day - 12 Goldfinches over my house in Barming - they really seem to have been out in goo numbers today.
GEOFF. Could you contact me at, cheers Adam


Warren Baker said...

Do you keep arrival dates Adam. If so whats the earliest?

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Adam.
You must be one of the only Bloggers about with Fieldfares.Shame about the weather,still you did ok.