Monday, 9 March 2009

Monday 8th March

A strong westerly wind made for a suprisingly cold start to the morning. Little was seen on my cycle into work, except 7x Herring Gulls and a single Lesser Black-backed Gull wallowing in the wind, drifting and sliding across the sky. I stopped off at Ditton Quarry and spread some wild bird seed on the ground under the alders I'd seen the Redpolls feeding on yesterday afternoon. However I didn't see any, only a Bullfinch and Goldcrest were braving the dog walking rush-hour.

Back over the quarry at lunchtime with Mike Easterbrook, we met David Blakesley with scope scanning the ground under the alders. 3x Lesser Redpoll crept through the leaf litter but no Mealies. Checking the other alders were found a Siskin and had teasing glimpses of more Redpolls but these were all to too brief to ID.

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Ken said...

Hello Adam.
Not a great number of birds today, but you seen to have got quality today, not quantity.