Sunday, 10 May 2009

Saturday 9th May

Back on patch a early evening/dusk walk along the River Medway between Barming and Teston Bridges. Lots of Yellowhammers and Common Whitethroats in song.

A Green Carpet moth posed in the lush undergrowth, not that well camoflauged despite it's grue hues. A Cuckoo was calling, and was seen, at the back of the houses on South Street, Barming.
Further along the river, just west of Barming Bridge I noticed a duck skulking under the overhanging willows and when it finally emerged I was pleased to see it was a female Mandarin Duck a new tick for me in Barming. I've seen them near the river at Beltinge near the Hop Fram so I shouldn't be too suprised to find one on the Medway. It was very elusive and in the dying light I only managed a rather blurred record shot.
Just before Teston I checekd for Barn Owls near the box they were nesting in last year. No luck, not a sound, I'll keep checking though. A lone Swift flickered fast above the river like some scythed-winged bat, and a couple of Swallows dipped down to the river, rippling it with their beaks. Finally a fox peered over the railway embankment to check what was making the rabbits bolt. Still hoping for Spotted Flycatcher, Turtle Dove and Barn Owl that frequented this stretch last year.


Steve said...

The Manderin is certainly a nice addition. We had a Flycatcher near Tovil footbridge last year so I'll start looking soon.

Warren Baker said...

Nice post Adam. I must really try to get out in the evening more!

Good tick for you with the Mandarin duck. Must be mine!

I left an answer to your question on my blog today. Do you keep records/stats ?

Steve said...

Really like the Fox pic Adam. No Spot fly in Birling/Ryarsh yet

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Adam. Nice pictures, especially the Fox in silhouette, and the Green Carpet Moth.

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Like Ken , I like the fox silhouette , but my favourite shot is that last one . Super .