Monday, 18 May 2009

Sunday 17th May

I thought it had gone quiet of late, and when I went to the back of the garden I discovered why - a dead Song Thrush, the one that had most likely been singing from the trees at dawn and dusk over the last few weeks. A sad sight indeed and a real sense of loss. As a kid they'd been as common as muck and I took them for granted, but since their decline I came to really appreciate what beautiful birds they are (notice the orange on the underwing, something I'd never noticed before). A feeling also felt for the equally 'uncommon' Small Tortoiseshell butterfly.


Warren Baker said...

What killed that then Adam. ? A window collision.

Adam said...

Hi Warren, no idea. Not a window as it was at the back of the garden where there are reflective surfaces/windows etc. Possibly cat, we do get one visit the garden occasionally but not mauled or apparently damaged in anyway. Disease, poisioning, who knows?