Monday, 25 May 2009

Thursday 21st May

Painted Lady butterflies still streaming through the East Malling research station at lunchtime, a 20-minute walk saw a count of 18, though they were flying with some urgentecy, generally NW direction, not stopping to feed (hence no photos!).

Checking out the fields around Teston Bridge this evening I failed to relocate Barn Owl so decided to checking out some coppiced areas in Barming Woods on the off chance of a Nightjar. Entering a large coppiced area at the southern edge of the woods I was suprised to hear the familiar churr of a NIGHTJAR, maybe the first singing bird recorded here in at least 6 years, may be more. I quickly located it's song perch and had fantastic views of it both singing and flying.


Warren Baker said...

Great record Adam, well done. This county needs more Nightjar habitat!

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Well done with the Nightjar .
I'm still waiting for my first sighting .

Kingsdowner said...

Good result!
That means it's time to get out in the evening, and stand around in the woods like a dodgy character :-}

Simon said...

Well done with the Nightjar Adam - apparently 1 was heard in Mote Park last summer!

Steve said...

Well done on the Nightjar. I've never seen one. I'll have to wander over one evening.

Adam said...

Thanks for your comments guys - Kingsdowner - I've alreday done the dodgy thing in the woods this year, looking for orchids at 20:00 in Stockbury Woods. Steve - email if you want ( and I'll let you know where to see one!