Monday, 13 July 2009

Monday 13th July

Good numbers of butterflies on the wing in Barming Woods at lunchtime with 3x White Admiral, 6x Peacock and a Red Admiral sipping up nectar from the racemes of the newly opened Buddelia flowers.

At home in South Street, Barming this evening I was pleased to see the Spotted Flycatcher in action again, looping around the speckled shade of the trees at the back of the garden. Every garden should have one, those neglected nooks, shaded by big trees, that become the dumping ground for old wood, general refuse and compost heaps have got to be some of the 'nature reserves' in the country!

A Goldcrest made a long awaited return, flitting furtively around the branches of the same trees.


Kingsdowner said...

A good set of reports and photos, Adam.
When I read 'every garden should have one' I thought you meant 'have a spotted flycatcher' -now that would be nice!
You are rigt about the shady corner of the garden, though, and if it attracts a flycatcher, so much the better.

Simon said...

Good to see your back blogging Adam. Some great photos and Spotted Flycatcher in the garden...very jealous!!! Nice one!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Adam.
So your back! You just can't resist it can you ? Good job too, some good posts to read, and nice pics to go with 'em, welcome back to blogland.

I'll put you back on my bloglist :-)

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Adam. I know it has already been said by all my fellow 'Bloggite's' but welcome back.You have had some great sightings since returning. You have a good local patch.Nice photo's Adam.

Tony Morris said...

Hi Adam, good to see that SPotted Flycatcher is performing for you. They have been so scarce, let's hope that they make a bit of a recovery, a la Whitethroats.