Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tuesday 6th October

The rain, long awaited, really set in today. Puddles started to appear where last week there had been dust bowls. A 30 minute walk around the Research land, East Malling proved pretty barren. The rain-beaded apples added a bit of colour to the gloom.
A Kestrel hung in the air over it's patch near the Great East Hostel (adjacent to the public footpath from the Church), a bounding charm of Goldfinches moved restlessly around the grassed area near the main buildings. A pair of Linnets were new for the month. Four Swallows zipping low and fast south and a fresh Comma were unexpected finds.

The highlight of the day for me though was the increasing roost of Starlings on site - 500+ minimum and weighing down the wires across the plots.

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Warren Baker said...

Adam, there is a similar sized Starling flock here, just like yours they find the power lines to there liking, I wonder if they are warm?