Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wednesday 28th October

Today didn't quite live up to expectations weather or bird-wise. It remainded overcast but suprisingly mild for the end of October. A pair of Yellowhammers dipped into the hedgerow alongside Gallagher's Gallop as I cycled in. At lunchtime I did a tour of the resaerch station site in East Malling hoping to get some winter thrushes, but despite good numbers of them being reported elsewhere in the county today I turned up a blank. I moved onto Ditton Quarry, where a pair of Bullfinches were glimpsed, a Jay made it's prescence known with it prehistoric squawks. Blackbird numbers appeared to have increased with 9 individuals seen feeding in hawthorn, possibly continental birds? Lots of fungi have emerged over the last week - not sure I can put a name to them all, but I think this one's a Blackening Wax-cap (Hygrocybe nigrescens)?


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Adam. It wasn't a very good day on the weather front, was it? Still a couple of Bullfinches brightens up the day.

Steve said...

Corking Fungi pic Adam..

Warren Baker said...

Fieldfare should be with you very soon Adam, as well as Redwing. Lots about today on my patch. (thur)