Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wednesday 25th November

A break from the wet, windy weather at last, and I managed to walk into work from East Barming to East Malling. Unfortunately I didn't have my bins, but managed to pick out most things that moved! 3x Redwing skulked in the oaks along the bridleway adjacent to Gallagher's Quarry, 15+ Chaffinches flocked around them, there really seem to be good numbers of these around at the moment. A couple of Grey Herons flew directly over me near Kiln Barn Farm, where the Little Owl peered out of the barn.

Canada Geese at Bradbourne.....they all couldn't fit on the lake (beyond)

At lunchtime I walked across the research land, East Malling to Bradbourne Lake to check nothing had dropped in during the strong winds of the previous night. Fieldfare numbers have increased (120+), and again Chaffinches everywhere! Another Grey Heron stood, statuesque in a newly ploughed field. At Bradbourne I was surronded by Canada Geese (85+) with a few Greylag throw in. A Little Grebe hugged the island. The sunny morning was short lived and I made it back to the office just in time for another torrential downfall - mud, mud everywhere!


Warren Baker said...

Got to get a brambling in amongst them Chaffinch soon Adam ?

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Like you , finding Redwing numbers very low this year .
Keep dry .