Thursday, 3 December 2009

3rd December 2009

Only managed to birdwatch doing the monthly East Malling Research Running Club handicap race at lunchtime. Covering 4.9 miles of research land, housing estate and countryside I was pleased to notch up Little Egret (Bradbourne) and Sparrowhawk amongst all the commoner species. The new route took me past Four Acres and Easterfields at the back of East Malling that look to have potential!


Tony Morris said...

what we all want to know is How Long did it take you?

Warren Baker said...

Didn't you take your camera then?

Adam said...


An awful 40 minutes - one of my slowest times. I was last year's champ getting down to 7 minute miles, and my prize for all of that effort....organise the races for 2010! I've let things slip a little, and blame avian interest en route for the lack of speed!!!


I think I was carrying enough (weight!) without having a camera!


Tony Morris said...

That's the trouble with you Tele celebs, you just let yourselves go!