Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tuesday 15th December

A hard frost last night and an excellent day to walk into work...but my wife woreked nights last night so I had to drop the kids of at school/nursery in the car. The orchards were looking an absolute picture, neatly frosted, the morning sun just glinting off the apples. Needless to say the orchard floor was alive with Chaffinches and Fieldfares.

I met up with Phil Sharp (http://sharpbynature.blogspot.com/) at lunchtime, hoping to connect with some Redpolls over Ditton Quarry. When I arrived Phil was already there, fresh but slightly chilled by an a walk around New Hythe. We set off for the wooded area in the SW corner and quickly connected with a couple of Lesser Redpolls. More were found, with Goldfinches in the Alders, and eventually a putative Mealy Redpoll in an Alder with the sun directly behind it! There were a number of Lessers in the same tree, the views were a little challenging, but the clean rose-pink breast, lack of 'buff waistcoat' and grey/pale cheeks gave me the confidence to call Common. Phil was happy, but I wanted better views! The Quarry was bathed in lovely crisp light, but were in the shade looking into the sun. I knew good views could be had if only we could get the 'right side' of the birds, but this was going to time, but I had to leave to get back to work. Good to catch up with Phil though....the Quarry can be a lonely patch!


Phil Sharp said...

Good to meet up today Adam, enjoyable and educational for me....much appreciated.

Warren Baker said...

Adam, that orchard looks a treat, wish I had one like that on my patch, something good will turn up in it this week surely, maybe a Blackcap feeding on one of those apples ?