Monday, 4 January 2010

Monday 4th January

Back to work, a lovely walk in though the sparkling snow, just a light dusting today covering the main laboratory building. Eight Lesser Redpolls were seen in the Silver Birch at the top of South Street, Barming and another two were in a tree at the back of The Redstart, North Street, Barming. A Black-headed Gull sat on one of the Oast House cowls on Heath Road. Nothing else out of the ordinary. I walked out to East Malling Church at lunchtime. JC was out with his mist nets and I caught up with him by Great East where he told me he'd not caught too much. The first photos shows where he had his nets, the second shows the orchard where he hadn't (I can count at least 70 Redwing in this shot)!

a) Where NOT to set up nets

b) Where to set up nets!
After being regaled with some of John's medical history, I moved onto the Genebank at the back of the Church and caught sight of a Weasel shooting across the footpath. I followed him down into the orchard where he was quite inquisitive and let me take some pics on him - cute little thing...well unless you're a rabbit!


Phil said...

Absolutely jealous as hell of your weasel pic, been trying for ages to get one of weasel or stoat but never quite manage it. Think I met JC down New Hythe on new years day, is he a local councillor?

Warren Baker said...

I echo what Phil says Adam, I have seen many Weasel/ stoats, and have had my finger on the shutter at times, but not got a pic yet.....well envious of you.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Adam. looks like you have made several people jealous of your Weasel photo, me included. It's a great shot.
Nice number of Redwimgs also.

Steve said...


Adam said...

Cheers Fellas, really privileged to get such good views - but that bloody branch got in the way of every shot! The place I took the photos looked like the sort of place a weasel would live, and last Spring one was reported by a colleague in the same location. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know if it's a regualr haunt!


Simon said...

WOW!! Super Weasel photo, well done - very envious!