Monday, 15 February 2010

Monday 15th February

A lovely crisp morning, with a hard frost. I tried to get down to the river to check out the Snipes and for anything else, but a van blocked my way - stuck on the ice! I cycled into work, catching sight of a large raptor drifting across the rooves of the houses in Bull Orchard, Barming - looked like a Buzzard but presumably the local Harris Hawk? I didn't seeing not much else but another dead Shrew, and cursing all the fantastic photographic opportunities I was missing (no camera!). Entering work I met the Chief Executive who told me he a small flock of Redpolls visiting his garden nyger feeder (in Barming) - so that's where my South Street buddies have gone!
Over to Ditton Quarry at lunchtime - no Redpolls (another colleague later told me she had Redpolls visiting her garden niger feeder in Ditton!), but 7x Bullfinches (typical views shown in the snaps). I checked all the ditches that have alway looked ggod for Snipe and Water Vole but nothing. In the SE corner I disturbed 2x Grey Herons, not a regular on this patch. I cut across the the East Malling Research site to meet up with a colleague on one of the strawberry plots. I disturbed 2x Foxes lazing in a glimpse of sunshine and was pleased to hear a Skylark in full song.

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