Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wednesday 10th February

Dropping the car into the garage at Quarrywood Estate, Aylesford for diagnosis - don't buy a RENAULT - I noticed a number of gulls sitting out on the warehouse rooves, predominantly Herring Gull dwarfing a few Black-headed Gulls.
I walked across the footpaths at the eastern edge of the research station, somewhere I rarely venture and was suprised at how good some of the habitat looked. I passed Calves Ley Cottage, the old gamekeepers cottage for Preston Hall now shadowed by the warehouses on the industrial estate. The old kennels are slowly failing into disrepair. Suddenly a snowstorm blew up and I was glad to finally get to work!
At lunchtime the snow had all but melted and I got on my bike and went exploring - finding a good stand of Holm Oaks that cried out for crests, a scrubby area filled with Silver Birch that bordered a Sweet Chesnut woodland to the west of Hermitage Lane, and then more Holm Oaks - all good potential....I'll be back!

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