Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wednesday 17th February

A lovely warm day, and following a tip of from 'Dave' I went looking for a couple of reported Buzzards in Barming. I quickly found the location Dave had reported them from and was immediately met by the sight of a pristine looking Harris Hawk. Another was nearby and they flitted in and out of a tree, one bird seen was even seen to be carrying nesting material! I know of at least one Harris Hawk that's kept on the Tonbridge Road, perhaps the same bird(s) on day release?! I'll keep an eye to see what happens re: nesting/breeding. I encountered all the usual species on the ride into work - Bullfinches and Jays seen in a couple of locations en route, always good to see.

Tempted out by the continuing sun at lunchtime I visited Bradbourne House again (a private site). On the track down to the House I passed a flock of 96 Black-headed and 13 Common Gulls sitting out on a field of winter wheat - waiting for the tractor driver to return to ploughing the adjacent field no doubt. At the bridge over the stream a Little Grebe was seen again, but dived as I approached and disappeared through a grille the wall that straddles the stream. It would have popped back up where the steam passes through someones garden in St Peters Road - nice if you lived there to get that as a garden tick!

Yesterday was obviously a good day for ducks as yesterday's Shoveler and Tufties had moved on. A Grey Heron took off from the side of the lake as I arrived and a flash of blue signalled a Kingfisher, my first here for many months. 34 Greylag Geese grazed the cricket pitch, where more Black-headed Gulls loafed - some almost in full summer plumage now (but no Med Gulls amongst them). The Snowdrops and Winter Aconites were in full flower, the buzz of busy bees making it feel like Spring at last.


The Bald Birder said...

Hi there Adam, That's where JC lives! Shoveler is a great bird for the site - but alas, not a first. There's been a few records inc a group of 5 birds. Nice daffodil pics...........! Ross

Adam said...

Yep I knew that - just didn't want to publicise the fact! Think he'll start keeping a 'a list of birds that have appeared in the garden that Adam has flushed my way'!? Reckon I could add Coot that way. Shame about the Shoveler, another one of those magical bubbles that's burst - what hasn't been seen on site?! Email the list if you've still got it. Not all yellow flowers are daffs.


Adam said...

..PS: Look at my Herring Gull? post. Any of those Caspians??


Anonymous said...

Hello Adam , I have only just discovered your blogg and read it with much fascination . If you are interested I can clear up the Harris Hawk mystery of 2010 for you ;)