Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wednesday 24th January

Nice start to the day, seeing a steam loco coast past the East Malling Research station - for you train buffs it was 70013 Oliver Cromwell on 'Sussex Belle' duty (even manage to get bloody branches in the way on my steam engine photos - consistent eh!).  Another site tick - and would have seen it from the office if I'd been in (directly below square roof in centre background, The Downs beyond).
Back in the office I was pleased to hear and then see a Song Thrush singing at full throttle - it stayed there most of the day and was still singing at 18:00 this evening!

I managed another quick visit to Bradbourne Lake at lunchtime, a Little Grebe was shooting the rapids, the poor light put pay to any decent photos again. 

Further along a Little Egret posed long enough for me to get another crappy  (this time through the car windscreen) - and confirmation at last that it wasn't just a plastic bag - 

before it took flight, giving me some more fantastic photographic opportunities (and you thought those Shoveler photos were bad!!!) 

Not much else about in the brief respite from the heavy showers, though the House Sparrows were making the most of the puddles.


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Adam.
It just wasn't your day for photography was it. Still everyone has their off days. Nice steam engine all the same.

Tony Morris said...

ditto with the song thrush today!

Greenie said...

Adam ,
You sure that second Little Egret shot ISN'T a white plastic bag ?
Like the Oliver Cromwell shot .

Warren Baker said...

Well at least your getting out and seeing stuff Adam. Thats what it's all about mate!

Adam said...

Cheers Greenie! It was bad enough when the Bald Birder was around!