Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tuesday 23rd March

A thick fog enveloped Barming as I left for work this morning - may be good for bringing down some migrants?  The song of a Chiffchaff carried through the stillness of the mist at the edge of Oaken Wood.  The Little Owl was in his favourite spot and a Murder of Crows loitered, portensously.

The sun shone briefly mid-morning, and checking my strawberry plots I discovered Badger trails and pawprints all over the place. 

A couple of Skylarks sang continously.  Only 10-minutes at lunchtime to get out, so I decided to check a newly ploughed field opposite the East Malling Conference Centre - 10x Pied Wagtails (inc 2 females that briefly looked like alba) hopped over the recently turned clods, another case of spot the bird in the photo below!  Another Skylark shuffled through the furrows.

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Warren Baker said...

there will be a Wheatear in that ploughed field this week Adam :-)