Saturday, 17 July 2010

Saturday 17th July

A day spent at home in Barming.  Highlight of the day was a Phylloscopus spp. visiting the garden briefly this morning, a real result as unbelievably it's the first I've had in my Barming garden, but equally frustrating as it neither called nor stayed long enough for me to ID.  I'm sure it was a Chiffchaff, but it seemed somehow bigger than those I see on my daily ride into work, perhaps just because it was in a different context.  Oh well I'll never know unless it returns tomorrow.  Interestingly I rarely hear leaf warblers near the house, a Chiffchaff has been heard occasionally further down South Street in previous years, but I've never had Willow Warbler closer than to me than Barming Woods.  After that I had to be content with juvenile corvids, and despite all their bad press I can't be but fascinated by the iridescence of a Magpie.

The highlight of the evening was the Barming Football Club Prize giving evening.  The Parish Playing Fields, of Hawfinch fame, were host to a different kind of exotic bird - Dorothy (aka Gary) the coach (above and below). 

We trust these people with our kids every Saturday morning!  I've had to add crossdressing as a label to my blog now.  The Ice Creams deserved their own Collins Field Guide! 

A great evening - and a big thank you to all those who put in the effort not only for tonight but throughout the whole football season. 

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Warren Baker said...

I won't be tempted into any comment on the cross dressing Adam. :-)

Well done on you probable Chiffy though :-)