Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thursday 29th July 2010

Up to my eyes again at work so only a few sightings from today.  A Silver-Y caught in the kitchen last night was one of seven seen - numbers seem to be increasing on my patch.  Another moth was also caught, looks like some sort of Underwing to me but I'd be grateful for help IDing.  Just scrolling through Ross' blog, and almost falling asleep in the process, I can positively ID it as Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, long name for a small moth! 

Good numbers of Linnets on the way into work near Gallagher's Gallop and evidence of Kestrels breeding near the Quarry all made for an interesting 10 minute bike ride. 

The Little Owl had changed position and posed on the guttering on the SE edge of Kiln Barn Farm Barn, and when he turned his head he was surprisingly camouflaged.

At lunchtime the light had deteriorated and a my photo of the 'Black 5' was spoilt by not being able to use a fast enough shutter speed. 

As I returned to work a couple of planes 'growled' over - one a Spit, the other a Harvard I think (help me Twisden)?  Steam train & Spit - it was like finding myself back in the 1940s! 

I'd seen the 'Harvard' over yesterday as well - any ideas where it's flying from anyone or white the other plane (white dot underneath) is?  A Spit and Hurricane had flow over site on Friday afternoon as well - is the Battle of Britain really over?!

Late this evening the Hedgehog paid another visit - blurring caused by the speed it moved (like the train).


Warren Baker said...

There was a 'war and peace' event at paddock wood from the 21st to the 25th July. Could be to do with that ?

Adam said...

Hi Warren, yep the Spit and Hurricane were doing a flyover at Beltring on Friday, but not sure where the spit was off to today?!

Nice Purple Hairstreaks on your blog by the way - where are you seeing them?


The Bald Birder said...

Hi there Adam - Glad I was of use. Loved the comment! Ross

Warren Baker said...

Adam - Re PH's I see them in a regenerating piece of Woodland on my patch, just off Cuckoo lane.

Also seen them on a young Oak just outside my house :-)

twisden said...

HI Adam
the spitfire is likely to be "Spirit of Kent,and after a phone call I will let you know what they were doing,and where they were bound.The Harvard has a prop that is nearly supersonic,and has a distinctive noise esp.from beam on.Gary Numan is a proud owner of one.A Spit flyby was hired for a wedding at BH last year but failed to locate it properly!.