Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wednesday 14th July

White-tailed Lapwing

The White-tailed Lapwing was polite enough to linger at Dungeness for another day, and James wanted to see it having missed it a Rainham last week.  With the Purple Herons and Great White Egret all sighted this afternoon I couldn't turn his offer of a lift.  Leaving work I was sad to find a dead Greenfinch at the base of one of the windows on the main lab building of the Research Station.  Waiting for my lift I counted 13 species including Yellowhammers, Linnet, House Martin and Pied Wagtails

Arriving at the ARC pit we quickly connected with the White-tailed Plover, rather distant but constantly active and often giving excellent views in the early evening sun (where were the thunderstorms?) including a couple of short flights.  Up to three Green Sandpipers were also present, one sitting out very close to the ARC screen.  This was turning into a lovely evening!

Moving onto Denge Marsh Road for the Purple Heron we were greeted with that thunderstorm that we were expecting earlier - the car rocked and some poor sod who had been down at the bridge got caught in it (see below). 

After the rain came the sun accompanied by a fantastic rainbow topped by a Purple Heron seen in flight for 30 seconds or so before it dipped down back into the reeds. 

Yellow and Pied Wagtails, Linnets, Reed Buntings, Sand Martins and 1000+ Starlings were also on show, many coming down to visit the newly created puddles on the road. A male Sparrowhawk got everyhting into the air as it made a couple of low passes.  A dramatic, and successful evening.

The same view along Denge Marsh Road as the 'storm' pic above, but about 15 minutes later!


twisden said...

Hi Adam thanks for info
Like the new layout wonder what the style is called-might copy you.
The Marsh! a spooky place ,the Grim Reaper brushed past me twice there lomg ago.Our most tiring walk, along the Dungeness beach from the western lookout tower.I used to service the R/T on the army range vessel that stood out to sea.

Greenie said...

Adam ,
What a cracking series if sightings in the last few days .
Just caught up with your June roundup too . Your yellow fungi in that is in fact a Slime Mould - Fuligo septica , commonly know as Flowers of Tan .
Needless to say , didn't attempt Dene Park today , perhaps tomorrow .

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Adam.
Pleased you had a successful evening. Good to see you managed to get a record shot of the W.T.L.
Great rainbow shot too.

Warren Baker said...

That wasn't Ken in the rain then :-)

Ken Browne. said...

HeHe. Nice one Warren. like it :-)