Monday, 9 August 2010

Sunday 8th August 2010

A couple of hours up in Barming (Oaken) Woods with the kids turned up a couple (or the same) Silver-washed Fritillaries, with one in a new location, on the buddleias near Gallagher's Gallop underpass. They were too flighty to photograph and after a few abortive chases we gave up and concentrated on catching grasshoppers!

With a Spitfire growling over the house on Friday evening we all looked up when this mixed group grumbled overhead - Tiger Moth, Cesena, Utterly-Butterly wing walker? Any ideas Twisden?

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twisden said...

Hi Adam
Bi Plane 1 is a Stampe from Headcorn?
can't read the G-BT?Z
the monoplane is G-BKAM form North Weald (a Slingsby Firefly)
and the Biplane 2 is a Stearman in US Navy colours?difficult to see.
any time you can type the reg into the web and a good pic will come back.Our photographers are going to classes in order to try and emulate your skill(and so they should)