Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Monday 1st November

Back to work after my extended break, including a week in Cornwall.  The morning started off well with a Coal Tit and GS Woodpecker in the garden.  The only points on interest on my bike ride into work were a clamour of 14x Rooks, surprisingly scarce on this part of the patch, feeding on the pasture east of Gallagher's underpass with a Carrion Crows and Black-headed Gulls.  Passing Kiln Barn Farm Barn I heard two Little Owls calling from the trees to the east, the first time I've heard them since spring.

The final leg up the entrance track to work (East Malling Research) turned up my first patch Fieldfares of the winter - six silhouetted on the wires above the orchard...I wonder when they arrived?  Also a large flock of Chaffinches, no white-rumps amongst them, and a Green Woodpecker stuck to the pole (can you see him?).

My lunchtime stroll took in some of the fantastic autumn colours in the surrounding orchards - the cherries were blazing, the leaves taking on the same hue as a Robin's red breast.

Nice to see one of the winter cherries (Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnnalis') with fresh blossom and deep orange leaves.

Cycling home in the dark I was pleased to hear a Tawny Owl in Oaken Wood - my second owl of the day - probably the only advantage of the clocks going back!


Warren Baker said...

Two Owls in a day is a result Adam, takes me all month to find them for my list :-)

When I saw the first photo, I was looking for the Waxwing amongst the berries :-)

Ken. said...

Hi Adam.
What a terrific blast of colour today.
Hope the Waxwings pay you a visit soon, there is plenty of food for them where you are.