Monday, 29 November 2010

Monday 29th November 2010

Another chilly start, but surprisingly little in the way of birds.  First stop was the silver birches near Gallagher's underpass but the Redpolls had gone.  I'd set up a feeding station on Saturday morning, but not a grain or nut had been taken!  A couple of Lapwings flapped over west, escaping the harsh weather on the coast I imagine.  I moved onto the Research at East Malling to check the orchards on the off chance a Waxwing or two might have dropped in, but again all very quiet; 35+ Fieldfares and 20+ Redwing feeding in and around the yews in East Malling churchyard.

Back out at lunchtime to do a circuit of the northern half of the Oaken Wood Atlas tetrad.  Near Kiln Barn Farm  there were 20+ Rooks, 15+ Jackdaws, 40+ Crows, 32 Stock Dove (high count on patch), 220+ Wood Pigeon were in the fields.  Twenty-five Lapwings flew west and I hoped I might be able to pick them up later in one of the recently sown fields off Sweets Lane.  Again there were no Redpolls in the silver birches, but a gang of Long-tailed Tits moved through the hedgerow with some Blue Tits and a very vocal Coal Tit (needed for the tetrad).  Three Jays flew up ahead of my as I cycled towards Luckhurst Farm.  Reaching the Manor Riding Stables, off Sweets Lane, I was disappointed that no Lapwings had touched down, but picked out 3x Common Gulls on the grazed land.  Heading back to work I was pleased to see the Common Buzzard briefly soar up from Oaken Wood, and a Sparrowhawk drift high east just above him.


Greenie said...

Adam ,
On the strength of your recent posts , I very nearly went to try for your Redpolls yesterday , but had to change plans at the last minute . Just as well as you say they had gone . I did a couple of hours at Hayes Farm and got practicaly nothing birdwise , just very cold .
Have also checked berried trees on the estate daily , without another Waxwing sighting , nor even a Winter Thrush for that matter .

Ken. said...

Hi Adam.
It is only a matter of time before the Waxwings drop in on your patch, with all that lovely food about, fingers crossed, it's soon.

Warren Baker said...

I found it quiet today as well Adam, didn't find those Waxwings you text me about :-)