Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Wednesday 22nd December 2010

View from Barming Bridge towards East Farleigh

A very quick sortie down the River Medway, Barming this morning as I knew I wouldn't be able to get out at lunchtime - that would be spent in The Rising Sun for the East Malling Research Running Club Prize Giving (don't ask......I came third after leading the Grand Prix until November!).

Tufties - a rare River tick

There was no frost and much of the snow and ice of the last week had started to thaw but it was a dull, foggy morning.  First birds up were 2x Tufted Ducks (a rarity for the river), then 3x Cormorants overhead followed by a flotilla of Canada Geese that also contained one Greylag and a Greylag x Canada hybrid.

Canada and Greylag x Canada hybrid Geese

One Snipe was flushed from 'Snipe Marsh' but I picked up the trail of what I presumed was a Woodcock.  It meandered all over the snow, down into ditches and back up again with disturbed snow where presumably it had been feeding based on the 'probe' holes in the snow.  I followed the tracks to a small copse and up flushed a Woodcock - too quick for a photo - that flew low over the railway in dropped into the field SE of St Margaret's Church.  I felt like a right Davy Crocket (I'm sure that's prison slang for something?!)!

Signs of Woodcock - plenty of holes where it's been probing!

On the way through Bradbourne to the pub at lunchtime a lone Lapwing lifted up from in front of the house and the massed ranks of Grey Geese on the opposite bank of the lake had me wondering if a White-front wasn't with them?


Warren Baker said...

Cor!! Tufties :-)

I need a Woodcock still for this month Adam, must try your tracking technique.

Got some 'adam' type photo's on my blog today :-) :-)

Derek Faulkner said...

I love your view of the river from Barming Bridge and I was surprised to see that you actually had open water, forgotten what that looks like on Sheppey.