Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday 16th January 2011

The best day of the month but unfortunately with prior commitments I couldn't get out to do the birding I'd like to have done.  A roundabout route allowed me to snatch sight of 11x Teal on the River Medway opposite New Hythe railway station and a brief sortie into work added a single Brambling in the Genebank and 17x Pied Wagtail (a record count for me on site) on the lawn of Bradbourne House.


Marc Heath said...

I wouldn't mind a Brambling next weekend. I know what you mean when you can't get out. Thats the problem with this hobby, bloody addictive.

Ken. said...

Hi Adam.
!7 Pied Wags is a great sighting, so is a Brambling.