Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thursday 27th January 2011

Just 10 minutes outside today so at the risk of same old, same old I visited the corner orchard on the Research Station, East Malling to see if the Bramblings were still showing.  The orchard had been pruned and mown and surrounding windbreaks flayed yesterday so I wasn't sure they'd still be around.  The orchard was surprisingly alive, perhaps a combination of the brisk north-east chill and the disturbance exposing new food sources.  

I was pleased to immediately pick out 3x Bramblings sitting out in a Cherry tree.  Despite the change in wind direction the gloom of the last week persisted and I didn't reckon on getting any decent photos, especially as the birds were fairly distant.  However the birds seemed quite content and I managed to creep a bit closer to get probably the best photo I've got of a Brambling...shame the sun couldn't have come out!  The birds knew I was there but didn't fly, although looking back at my snaps one bird was giving me the evils (not dissimilar to the stare a Hawfinch gave me in my garden in 2008)!

Check out those eyes!


Paul said...

Hi Adam, nice photos mate, even if those Brambling eyes look crazy! I will have to check my garden photos from last year? because Im sure I saw a Brambling in my back garden??? My memory fades these days!!!

Ken. said...

Hi Ad.
Another species I have yet to catch up with.
Nice photo's of the Brambling. They must know you by now.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Adam,

Really nice to have the Brambling around and to get some good shots. Great stuff!



Warren Baker said...

Not bad Adam :-) I'm still groping about for a Brambling :-)

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Nice shots .
The eyes remind me of looking in the mirror after a good night out .

Simon said...

Nice shots there Adam! Do you tally up a garden bird list? You must have a quite a good count!!!