Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tuesday 18th February 2011

A lovely sunny day but only 6x Brambling to report on the Research Station, flushed by a Sparrowhawk from the corner orchard and looped overhead, brilliant white undersides as they made their way towards the Genebank.  No photos despite my best efforts so here's some sent to me today from the father of one of last year's French students.  We met one evening and spent a few hours watching a Nightjar in Oaken Wood.  Photos I aspire to take - especially the Nuthatch, thanks Christian!


Paul said...

Hi Adam, whilst those photos are not yours, they deserve a comment or two, and like you say, that Nuthatch is a cracker.

Warren Baker said...

Keep at it Adam, a brambling will come close enough one of these days :-)

I tried ''seeding' a track on my patch, but the jackdaws ate it all !!!