Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Monday 14th February 2010

Weather wise it was good, everything in the woods was glistening as I cycled into work and as the day progressed the developing, warm sunshine made it feel almost Spring like.

Marsh Tit found calling off Sweets Lane made a new record for the Oaken Wood winter tetrad and a butterfly, my first for the year, fluttered ahead of me as I cycled along The Heath, East Malling but frustratingly dipped over a hedge before I could catch up with it.

It was one of those days where life was good.  Unfortunately it all went wrong from there, and on the last leg of my cycle home at 18:00 an idiot decided to drive straight into me.  I didn't know much about it until I found myself sitting on the roof of a car as it was being driven down Heath Road, Barming.  By some miracle, not only did I survive shattering the windscreen with my head and the flip that put me on the roof but I managed to get away with only cuts and bruises.  The headlamp on my helmet must have taken most of the force as it was found embedded in the windscreen, and I was later told by the A&E doctor, in no uncertain terms, that if I hadn't have been wearing a helmet I might not have been around to see the 15th February.  Someone was looking over me.

I like to leave an impression

Needless to say my bike was mangled, so no more cycles in for a short while, and I suppose on the plus side the 3.5hours spent in A&E saved from having to go through all that smoochy, lovey-dovey Valentine's stuff!  Phew, I live another day.


Warren Baker said...

Good to see you're ok Adam, must of been a shock to your system look after yourself mate :-)

I've had a few close shaves along Ashes lane, bloody drivers on mobiles, speeding along in the dark !

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Glad you managed to get away reasonably unscathed .
Lucky you took the main impact on your head , otherwise you could have been seriously injured !
I take it you haven't shown the wife your last paragraph .
Take care .

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Adam, really pleased to hear you are ok, that was a close shave. I hope you are recovering well.

All the best


Kieron said...

Glad you got out of it OK! I have been thinking that it is time to get back on the bike - maybe I will wait until the clocks change. I have had a few close calls on the lanes even when I am lit up like a christmas tree.

Ken. said...

Hi Adam.
I am also pleased that you not too badly hurt. I suffered something like that some years ago so I know how you are feeling.
Lucky it was your head otherwise some damage might have been done LOL.
Seriously though Adam, get well soon.

Phil said...

Blimey Adam, scary stuff! Glad you're relatively unscathed, unlike your bike!

Paul said...

Hi Adam, Ive only just read this mate!!! All I can say, is that you were very lucky you didn't sustain some serious injuries here. Take it easy Adam, and climb back on that bicycle of life soon.
When I say climb back on the bicycle, I dont mean your mangled one here though!

Adam said...

Thanks folks - a CT scan today confirmed I'd got a brain, so normal service should resume shortly.


twisden said...

From all the chaps, If you start imagining you are a leading scientist then seek help.

Sue said...

Adam, sorry to read of your argument with a car - and glad to hear you are ok-ish. Must have been a shock! Take care, Sue & Pete (from Burham)

AngellArno said...

I'm seeing the appearance of your bike and I'm thinking that it probably was a so violent and impressive accident!!

Thanks to the helmet!!

Have a good recovery!!
Hello to EMR!!

Arnaud (from France)

Anonymous said...

Hi - Glad to hear you survived. Sounds like you have managed to take in your stride. Good luck.


Ken Beckett said...

Hi Adam,
Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope it will not be too long before you get a new bike and safety helmet and that you soon recover from your injuries so that you can get out birding.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam we read your blog and are concerned for you. Have not read anymore since your report about the accident last Monday. Pleaase get in touch to let us know that you are ok. Your birding friends Frank and Sue.
Email frankandsue@blueyonder.co.uk

Linda Smith said...

Sorry to hear about your accident but so glad to know you survived to fight another day!

Linda Smith