Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wednesday 2nd February 2011

Silhouetted blobs in Birch 

Misty and cold, and for some reason I took a slight detour on my cycle into work to take in the track that runs along the N edge of Oaken Wood.  I was glad I did as I picked out 25+ Redpolls feeding at first distantly in the Silver Birch strip that runs alongside the track, where I'd seen a flock in December.  I checked this part of the patch a couple of times since the New Year but drew a blank so I presumed they'd moved on.

I managed to get a bit closer to the flock and despite my best efforts to string a Mealy they all appeared to be Lesser Redpoll.  I was a bit suprised as most flocks of Redpoll I've heard of this year have held at least one Mealy (a influx year like the Waxwings so it seems)....but shouldn't be greedy, guess I've had my fill in previous winters.  Needless to say I'll be topping up the little feeding station I've set up with Niger seed tomorrow to see if I can't bring them down for a closer look!

Another fine morning!  Bike discarded in the haste to get onto the Redpoll flock!


Alan Pavey said...

Good luck with the Redpolls, there's bound to be a Mealy there somewhere. :-)

Warren Baker said...

I've found ithard to get any Redpoll photo's too Adam. Nice abandoned bike shot though :-)

Paul said...

Hi Adam, nice find there mate.
The abandoned bike on the ground made me laugh.