Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday 13th March 2011

Sunday afternoon in Mote Park. Maidstone with the kids but still managed a bit of birding ;-)  At least 13x Med Gulls on the football pitches to the E of the Leisure Centre amongst the massed BH and Common Gulls - quite a gathering.  I'm sure there are more (Simon had at least 15 on Tuesday) with the constant 'yaa-yaas' that were emanating from the the lake and surrounding pitches.

One bird had a green leg ring but I didn't have my bins and despite taking some photos I still can't make out what it says - any help appreciated!  Video, click here.

Update: I heard back from Camille Duponcheel of the Med Gull Ringing Scheme who has confirmed the bird '3CU1' that was first ringed as a pullus in Zeebrugge, Belgium in June 2000.  Since then there have been 60 sightings of the bird, predominantly from Finistere, NW France in the winter and the Isle of Wight in the summer.  Must be on it's way back, in a round about sort of way - keep an eye out for it if you're visiting Bembridge this summer!   


Marc Heath said...

Great shots there, very jealous, well done.

Adam said...

For you to say that is a huge complement Marc, thanks! Saving the pennies for a half-decent camera to get up there with you and Steve Ashton. A

Warren Baker said...

It's not the same when you post decent photo's Adam, I used to enjoy your humour with the 'arrowed' birds :-)

Only ever had one Med Gull record here, so close yet so far !